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I had the pleasure of interviewing Jon Reyes, the owner of Phyx Performance, a private Personal Training studio stationed in West Bloomfield. Read about his services, passions, background, and his top food spots in Metro-Detroit (he has some great picks!) If you’re interested in optimizing your health and fitness in 2018 with a fitness expert— definitely check […]

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Exercise Boosts Mental Health

Did you know that exercises isn’t only fantastic for you physically, but it also boosts your mental health? Studies have shown that exercising releases endorphins in your brain, making your mood improve greatly. By exercising regularly, it’s also been shown to decrease symptoms of depression, anxiety, and stress!

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Member Success Story: Amanda Shares Her Pain Journey

First, let me start off my saying that I am not a gym-goer. I have never liked gym atmospheres. However, I do enjoy working out at home! I had been going to HealthQuest Physical Therapy for months – for both my  lower back and my neck, because of a series of car accidents I’ve been […]

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Top 5 Reasons to Join Phyx Performance

There are many reasons to exercise, but we think you’ll find Phyx Performance is the best place to exercise. Personalized Training Regimen A personalized training regimen means that the exercises you do are specifically tailored for your body and your goals. By having a custom plan, you’re most likely to stick to your workouts and […]

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