Member Success Story: Amanda Shares Her Pain Journey

First, let me start off my saying that I am not a gym-goer. I have never liked gym atmospheres. However, I do enjoy working out at home! I had been going to HealthQuest Physical Therapy for months – for both my  lower back and my neck, because of a series of car accidents I’ve been in. When I first started Physical Therapy, I could barely walk and definitely could not do daily physical tasks – even just picking up a bag of groceries was tough. I went to P.T. for 3 months for my lower back and then was discharged after I had progressed greatly. I could walk, do small tasks, and got a portion of my life back!

However, it’s impossible to keep up the momentum that you gain in P.T. without doing the exercises at home at a consistent rate. Between work, family, and other obligations it’s sometimes easy to forget to get into the right routine. Enter Phyx Performance. My physical therapist introduced me to Jon at Phyx Performance and thought it would be a great idea for my to continue my rehabilitative journey with a professional. So, in order to remain accountable and on the right path, I started training with Jon. I go about 3 times a week and I have to tell you… I am finally living without pain. I still have off days and need to be careful, but it’s such a fantastic feeling to know you have a team that’s there to help you get stronger, get better, and continue to live without pain. There’s no longer that disappointment if my back hurts, because I know Jon will fix it. He tailors the exercises perfectly to me. He adjusts as we go for maximum efficiency and is always paying attention to the smallest details to make sure the exercises are working. I 100% recommend going to Phyx Performance.

I had to write this blog in case any other people out there feel like they just can’t live without pain. YOU CAN. I am proof.

-Amanda Krigner


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