Anthony Barnes

Experience:15 Years

Anthony Barnes

Boxing Trainer


  • 15+ years experience
  • Height: 5′ 11″
  • Fight Weight: 168 lbs
  • Professional Fight Record: 9-0

Anthony Barnes resides in a suburb just outside of Detroit. He attended K-12 in the Berkley Public School District, He went on to Oakland Community College for a few semesters, until he decided that he wanted to take on Boxing, as a full time career.

Anthony was over weight, and out of shape, when he was around 13 years old. One summer day he decided, out of boredom, to attend a few boxing classes with his best-friend. It wasn’t long after Anthony’s first class, he realized that this was the sport for him, and that he wanted to compete. Month’s later he had his first amateur fight (14 years old), and he was hooked.

​Anthony’s first few years in the sport of amateur boxing were in a gym that was close to home and easy for him to get to, but he kept hearing about the Kronk Gym, and all the great fighters that came from the gym, he knew where he wanted to be. So as soon as he was able to drive himself, he moved his training to the Famous Kronk Gym in Detroit. He began training with World Famous, “Sugar” Hill Steward, (HBO Trainer of the year 2013) and he began to flourish as a fighter. He went on to win in his amateur career the following:

Junior Golden Gloves National Championship
Bronze Medal- National PAL’s
Arnold Classic Gold Medalist
National Golden Gloves Quarter Finalist
5 time Detroit Golden Gloves Champion
Silver Gloves State Champion
James Toney Invitational Champion
USA Championships State Champion

The decision he made to move his training to the Kronk Gym, has made him the boxer he is today and will make him the boxer he aspires to be in the future.

​Under guidance and management of Emanuel Steward, in October of 2012, Anthony had his first professional fight. Anthony was Emanuel Steward’s very last boxer to turn professional. Shortly after Anthony’s pro debut, Emanuel Steward passed away, closing down the gym and leaving Anthony without a manager and without someone to guide him in his career. Not only was Anthony grieving the loss of his mentor, and the man that was going to take Anthony’s career to the next level, but boxing had lost one of its greats, and with that, the best of Boxing in Detroit, came to a stand still.
It has been 5 years since Emanuel’s passing and, Detroit Boxing is on an up swing, and Anthony… well he is right there in the mix. Since his pro debut Anthony has a record of 9-0 looking for his 10th win in the near future. Emanuel said, Anthony would be a World Champion one day, “Emanuel, we can’t wait to see that happen!”




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